Liberation...Grounded in Spite of Feeling Groundless

LIBERATION....Grounded in Spite of Feeling Groundless 

Online 4-week Breathwork Series 

Kathleen Booker, Queen of Serene, Breathing Technician,
Inviting YOU to a NEW 4-week Breathwork online series to support you to be:

Grounded in Spite of Feeling Groundless

Beginning Sunday, November 19th 
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Each week You will gain tools and techniques that will enhance your Life and enable you to live grounded & expanded!
Here is what we will cover on your Journey to LIBERATION
Week 1 - Acknowledge your willingness - We start building your strength of courage

Week 2 - It’s okay not to know - We self-sabotage when we think we must know the where, when, what, who - the truth is we just need to know the how...your Breath

Week 3 - Yes to Limitlessness - When you surrender to the Breath and allow the Breath to HOLD you - that IS Limitlessness

Week 4 - Embrace joyfulness - The Breath becomes the key for you to move through life with ease and grace
Energy Investment: $300

Questions? Need more information? Reach out to Kathleen Booker
T: 6463541537 
E: Kathleen@Kathleen

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