Acknowledge your willingness

You took the first step, you are ready. Together we will nurture the spark within you that knows the breath will be an invaluable tool in your Life kit. You will learn how to breathe deeper and release the stress, anxiety, pain and worry stored deep in your body, mind & spirit. When you make yourself your first choice, your breath shifts to conspire for you.


It okay not to know

I know how frustrating it is to want to know the answers to Who? What? Where? When? and How? but all you need to know is the answer to the What? The answer is your breath. The breath knows every nook-and-cranny of your being, let it do the work and give your brain a rest. Together we tap into the subtle yet power-full way the breath shifts and changes your life. 


Allow your breath to find you

Connecting your inhale with exhale with no pause in between drops you into your natural rhythm. Every session is distinct however, the end is always guaranteed, you feel refreshed, renewed, and revived. Your breath supports you to have roots so deep they are unmeasurable. These are roots of courage, strength, clarity, focus, peace and self-love. And so limitlessness begins.


Embrace Joy-fullness

You’ve unlocked the door to living a larger a life. So what’s next? Your breath now becomes a tool to create what you desire for yourself with ease and grace. You become a conscious creator of your life one breath at a time.